Random Password Chooser

This web page helps you pick a secure password using combinations of common words. The idea is you put 3 or 4 randomly chosen common words together and think of a mental image that helps you remember them. (Many thanks to the web comic 'xkcd' for the idea.)

The way this works is you will be shown a grid of words like the one below, but with random words.


The grid on the left is just an example - please don't use it to choose a real password. For a real grid of random words, press 'Choose' below.


The idea is to look at the grid you're shown and pick three words that bring to mind a mental picture you think you can remember.

In the example grid above, you could pick 'flight', 'within' and 'train', and imagine someone throwing a paper aeroplane inside a train carriage. To help the image sink in, you could make up a story behind the words - e.g. an office worker who is bored with the document they are supposed to be reading and turns it into a paper aeroplane.

Now press 'Choose' to choose some random words:
Number of words to combine (3 or 4 suggested).
Number of choices per word (3 suggested).
Maximum word length. (8 suggested).
Minimum word length. (4 suggested).

Some notes on how safe a password you get from different numbers of words.